The Real Cost of Paperwork

Sep 3, 2019 11:19:38 AM / by Tan Yi Sin

Just so you know, some people still prefer paperwork. There seems to be something comforting about stacks of paper files that helps them feel organized and on top of things.

If you’re still documenting work this way, you’re not alone. Many businesses still rely on paper-based processes but most are starting to see it as a constraint on productivity and growth.  

Paper-based Processes Prone to Errors
Take paper receipts as an example.  Most residential estates in Singapore allow cash or check payments at the management office.  Copies of paper receipts are batched and sent weekly to the head office for a clerk to transcribe handwritten details into a computerised accounting system.  The process is tedious, boring and time-consuming.  Imagine the potential for errors from having one person transcribe handwritten receipts from several estates!

Increasing Productivity in Property Management
The Qornerstone platform has developed over the past 15 years to digitize the many processes unique and specific to property management. The software automates hundreds of paper-based workflows saving time and money.  By digitally transforming operations, our customers move to data records stored securely on the cloud for better visibility, management and retention. 

Secure Cloud Storage for Property Data
Estate data can be voluminous; from strata title roll records, SPs’ statements of account, correspondences, facilities maintenance records, licenses and permits, contracts and others.  We provide 2 cloud-based solutions to store and manage this data: Strata for residential estates and Lease for commercial buildings and lease portfolios. 

Generate Financial Reports With Ease
Both integrate seamlessly with Finance, software which allows you to manage payments and collections digitally and generate financial reports with ease.  

E-invoicing And Bank Reconciliation
With digital payments, you can even automate recurring billings from e-invoicing all the way to bank reconciliation.  What used to take days can now be completed with a few simple clicks. 

Call for No Obligation Demo
To see what else the system can do for you, call +65 6557 2516 for a no-obligation system demo.  Quote promo code 1ESTATE for a 6-month free trial for the first estate with unlimited user accounts.

Tan Yi Sin

Written by Tan Yi Sin

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